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Dutch publisher


Passion, dreams and illusions in the world of tulips 

The book, the documentary and the exhibition “Tulpengoud” tell the story of three families in the province of North Holland that grow and create new varieties of tulips. The life of these families changes rapidly when the price of new tulip varieties suddenly spikes. 


Hartstocht, dromen en illusies in de tulpenwereld

(The hunt for tulip gold

Passion, dreams and illusions in the world of tulips)

Leo Erken


Text by Marie Louise Schipper
ISBN 90-77-386-03-3

Leo Erken

The Observer, March 2001



'Keulen followed the Tour du Faso throughout its 13 stages as if he were one of the competitors, often sleeping in the same hotel rooms as them, sometimes with up to 12 people jammed into a single room. He got up at five every morning with the cyclists and had to endure average temperatures of 40C in his quest to capture the magic of the tour.'

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