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About Us


The objective of the Ipso Facto foundation is to produce and publish substantive and stylistic high-quality productions in the fields of art and journalism, especially where these two fields intersect. Ipso Facto focuses primarily on productions that make use of photography and text, but other media, such as film, video and the art of painting, also qualify. Productions with a strong social orientation are given priority. 

The foundation seeks to achieve its goal through the publication of books and the organisation of exhibitions, the release of DVDs, films and multimedia productions, and by any other legal means possible.


Chairman - Jan Banning

Jan Banning: Photographer/Artist - www.janbanning.com

Joeri Boom

Joeri Boom: Journalist/Editor

Bas Jongerius

Bas Jongerius: Photographer/Journalist - www.basjongerius.nl


Eike den Hertog and Marjon Kuijs 

Eike den Hertog: Photo Editor - www.debeeldunie.nl

Marjon Kuijs: Jurist - www.debeeldunie.nl

Secretary - Hans van Blommestein

Art Director/Graphic Designer

Treasurer - Peter Jonker

Graphic Designer - www.peterjonker.nl