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A Man and a Motorcycle

Bette Dam

How Hamid Karzai came to power

With a secondhand motorcycle, the support of a few tribesmen and a good friend in the CIA, the unknown Hamid Karzai emerged as the new leader of Afghanistan. This true adventure story of acclaimed journalist Bette Dam chronicles his untold journey to power, and the country’s transition from Taliban rule to a fragile democracy. It’s a story of betrayal, of luck, and of failed opportunities. While Karzai offered the United States a recipe for victory, nobody listened to him.
A Man and a Motorcycle offers timely new insights into Afghanistan’s complex political and cultural relationships -- and explains why Afghanistan is now slipping out of America’s hands.

A Man and a Motorcycle

How Hamid Karzai came to power

Bette Dam


Design by Andrei Bat
ISBN 978-90-77386-13-2


225 x 280 mm

€12,50 (ex. shipping costs)


Foreign Policy

"Dam’s thorough, measured account distinguishes itself, adding fresh dimension to a well-worn story. She manages to artfully paint a complex and surprisingly empathetic portrait of a mercurial leader who was as driven by political expedience as he was controlled by it.'

Publishers Weekly

"Reporter Dam meticulously recounts Hamid Karzai’s rise to power, drawing on the experiences she’s had living in Afghanistan for the past eight years”


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