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Nederlandse uitgeverij 

The story of four Generations

Yee Ling Tang


Yee Ling Tang connects in some fifty photographs the life of her grandparents in Hong Kong with that of her parents, herself, and her daughter, the fourth generation. The strong tie between past and present is reflected in the ritual ancestor worship. Yee Ling's work reveals a photographer who has succeeded in distilling her experiences in several cultures into a style all her own. Her perspective is not the sum of Hong Kong and the Netherlands It is a new view, an autonomous look at reality. 

The Story of Fout Generations


Yee Ling Tang


Tekst: Will Tinnemans

Engels en Chinees
Grafisch ontwerp: Peter Jonker
ISBN 978-90-77386-08-8
56 pagina's

240 x 340 mm

Prijs: €15,00 (ex. verzendkosten)

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