Nederlandse uitgeverij 

Hete Glassplinters

Rolf Bos, de Volkskrant 24 mei 2008


'Deels in zwart-wit gefotografeerd lijken de beelden van Keulen enigszins op die van de beroemde oorlogsfotograaf Robert Capa, die de Tour de France in 1939 in wart-wit vastlegde.'


The Observer, March 2001


'Keulen followed the Tour du Faso throughout its 13 stages as if he were one of the competitors, often sleeping in the same hotel rooms as them, sometimes with up to 12 people jammed into a single room. He got up at five every morning with the cyclists and had to endure average temperatures of 40C in his quest to capture the magic of the tour.'

Chris Keulen

Hete Glassplinters

Chris Keulen


Introductie: Peter Winnen
Nederlands, vertaald in het Engels en Frans 2008
ISBN 978-90-77386-05-7
160 pagina's

240 x 300 mm



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"As if you breathe in hot splinters of glass”, that is how cycling in Senegal feels, according to former cycle racer Peter Winnen. The sport’s ingredients are: dust, dry soil and temperatures well above forty degrees celcius. For five years I followed the main cycling races of Africa, in Senegal, Cameroon, Eritrea and twice in Burkina Faso.
Hot splinters of glass shows life in Africa according to cycling. In 70 photo’s I show the African cyclists’ dreams and ambitions. It is about adventure and high aspirations. There is no team tactics, nor doping. An African cyclist must fend for himself.

Special edition